Junko Maria Furugori - Eighth Element Healing

Natural Healing Show - UK Health Radio interviews Junko Maria Furugori on Nutrition, Yoga, Reflexology & Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation.

We all know that health is essential for a happy, fulfilling life. Yet staying healthy can be a challenge as the speed and complexity of today’s world demand more and more of our energy.

Holistic therapies and practices are based on the principles that body, mind and spirit are one and that we all have a natural, innate ability to self-heal. Any dis-ease is a sign of imbalance, the stepping out of our natural rhythm which needs to be redressed.


The eighth element represents oxygen, one of the signatures of Planet Earth, prana, or breath, which is the essence of our life force.

Eighth Element Healing is the name for Junko’s vision of a collective of individuals working together to widen the reach of the healing arts, sharing the philosophy that in our modern world healing is as essential as breathing for health and for the fulfillment of our human potential