Dr Vijay Murthy on Ayurveda & Natural Healing

The Natural Healing Show - UK Health Radio interviews DrVijay Murthy on Ayurvedic Medicine & healing. 
Ayurveda meaning "The Science of Life" 
Tapping on the remarkable connection humans share with nature and how nature can be used to heal. Exploring the healing benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine, a traditional form of nature healing used by many cultures around the world for 5000 years.

In this interview on UK Health Radio, Dr Vijay Murthy talks about 'what happens when you see an ayurvedic practitioner? How Ayurveda offers personalised health care? How Ayurveda is scientific? How to understand your unique body type and much more. If you have expressed interest on Ayurveda and more over you are interested in discussions on how to be healthy then please listen to this show. 


Unlimited Energy Now with Catherine Carrigan

The Natural Healing Show - UK Health Radio interviews Medical Intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan on her new book Unlimited Energy Now. 
Discussing various topics from her book such as from grounding, breath, electromagnetic stress, chakras, how to recover from exhaustion and others