Humans & Nature

This show focuses on Humans and their relationship to nature. Exploring how the brain changes in nature, looking at studies on how the mind, body & spirit and how humans react to time spent in nature. Looking at the rise in nature deprivation, the study of earthing/grounding and tapping into young people, wilderness education & the natural world. 

Please check out article by Yara: Humans & Nature




João da Silva - The Amazon Rainforest

Natural Healing Show - UK Health Radio invites you to listen to an interview recorded in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil with an Amazonian Indian named João da Silva. 
Born and raised in the Amazon rainforest to the Wapixana (Wapishana) tribe. He shares his experiences on what it was like growing up in rainforest and why he chose to adapt into the "modern" lifestyle.

João speaks of his life being born and growing up in the Amazon rainforest, indigenous cultural knowledge of the jungle, survival, plant medicine, his beliefs on humans and their connection to nature; and whether or not he believes if un-contacted tribes in the Amazon rainforest should be left alone. João also shares an important message to the western world.


Survival International - Tribal Communities, Land Rights & Campaigning

Yara who presents The Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio speaks with a campaigner from Survival International organisation. 


We are Survival, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights. We’re the only organisation that champions tribal peoples around the world. We help them defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures. Tribal peoples have developed ways of life that are largely self-sufficient and extraordinarily diverse. Many of the world’s staple crops and drugs used in Western medicine originate with them, and have saved millions of lives. Even so, tribal peoples are portrayed as backward and primitive simply because their communal ways are different. Industrialized societies subject them to genocidal violence, slavery and racism so they can steal their lands, resources and labor in the name of ‘progress’ and ‘civilization’.

Our work is preventing the annihilation of tribal peoples. We give them a platform to speak to the world. We investigate atrocities and present evidence to the United Nations and other international forums. We support legal representation. We fund medical and self-help projects. We educate, research, campaign, lobby and protest. And we won’t give up until we all have a world where tribal peoples are respected and their human rights protected. - Survival International 


Into The Wild - Survival & Bushcraft

Natural Healing Show interviews various people who spend a weekend living in the wild in British woodland. Listen to their experiences as they learn new skills in survival & bushcraft, step out of their comfort zones and tune into the natural environment.

Featuring Elite Survival Training, Rare Adventures & Child Reach International.