Interview with a Shaman | Positive Messages to Humanity

An interview with a shaman in Peru, South America speaking about the rainforest, jungle survival and briefly tapping on Ayahuasca. 

Also includes voices from people (taking from Anti war demonstrations in London) sharing their thoughts on peace, humanity and unity. 


João da Silva - The Amazon Rainforest

Natural Healing Show - UK Health Radio invites you to listen to an interview recorded in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil with an Amazonian Indian named João da Silva. 
Born and raised in the Amazon rainforest to the Wapixana (Wapishana) tribe. He shares his experiences on what it was like growing up in rainforest and why he chose to adapt into the "modern" lifestyle.

João speaks of his life being born and growing up in the Amazon rainforest, indigenous cultural knowledge of the jungle, survival, plant medicine, his beliefs on humans and their connection to nature; and whether or not he believes if un-contacted tribes in the Amazon rainforest should be left alone. João also shares an important message to the western world.


João da Silva - Amazon Rainforest Snippet

Small piece taken from a recording with Joao in Manaus in Brazil. Joao is an Amazonian Indian who was born to the Wapixana tribe. He lived and grew up in the Amazon Rainforest.

In the full Interview Joao shares his thoughts on:
  • Jungle Survival
  • Plant Medicine
  • Indigenous Cultural Knowledge
  • Leaving the rainforest and adapting to a "western" lifestyle
  • Thoughts on un-contacted tribes in the Amazon rainforest and if they should be left alone
Recorded in the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil, Sept 2015